Spring at the Farm is a time of growth and hard work to prepare our plants for a leisurely summer in the sun growing big and strong for harvest in the fall. We sat down with our cultivation team to share more about what goes into making the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract. 

Jordan Stanley, Charlotte's Web Assistant Director of Cultivation and one of the company's co-founders explained, “Most of my time with the company has been boots on the ground, hands-on farming, and developing with my brothers a lot of the agricultural processes. Because I have been so connected on the agricultural side of the business, it’s been exciting to see how we started with one acre and seven brothers and grown into a massive operation that requires an incredible team of farmers. The core of it from day one has been to grow the best hemp genetics, and that starts on the farm.” 

Just like Jordan, Jared Stanley -- our Vice President of Cultivation -- gushes about the cultivation team whenever he has a chance. Together with Bear Reel (Director of Plant Genetics) and Ray Sitorious (Director of Cultivation Operations), they lead a team of more than 75 farmers, plant scientists, plant tenders, field workers and greenhouse crew to bring you Charlotte's Web. This spring, we want to introduce our family "Beyond the Seed" - the hard working cultivation teams in Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon. 

When asked, each member of the team will share a story: they all start with a knowing smile, a head shake and a sigh followed by, "remember that time when..." Stories of Mother Nature throwing a wrench in the process (a violent hail storm, downpours washing out the fresh seed, an early snowstorm) and how we recovered; to tales about that one time a truck got stuck or a machine didn't exist so Ray made it out of a different farming apparatus. The stories illustrate the art and science of farming and hemp cultivation. 

Our cultivation team believes in innovation and ingenuity, care and compassion. Our farmers believe in the product they're growing. The Iverson family shares what it means to grow this plant on their farm in Oregon. 

The People Behind Charlotte's Web from Charlotte's Web on Vimeo.

In a few weeks, we'll check back in with the team Beyond the Seed and hear about what it means to work for Charlotte's Web in the fields and greenhouse each day.

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