Hello to all! Some of you are dear friends, though others might be meeting us for the first time. Let us introduce ourselves.

Charlotte’s Web was founded by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado, USA. Those seven brothers have spent the better part of a decade protecting the rights of people, and fighting to uncover a new truth for health and wellness. These guys didn’t start out trying to change the world, but that’s what happened when they harnessed the benefits of plants and sought to make them accessible to everyone.

One person in particular was a special little girl, Charlotte Figi. We don’t say that the Stanley Brothers changed Charlotte’s life. She changed theirs.

Since then, our company has grown around the effort to produce the world’s most trusted hemp extract. We focused primarily (but not exclusively) on whole-plant hemp extracts with CBD, additional cannabinoids, and other beneficial plant compounds. Mother Nature is pretty great, so we do our best to respect one of her most precious gifts.

We’ve committed to this work for years, providing an extract that has helped improve the quality of life for many through supporting better sleep cycles, calm and focus, and aiding in the reduction of exercise-induced inflammation, everyday stresses, and more. When we started, cannabidiol or CBD was a word that few were familiar with. (And even fewer could pronounce.) Today, this is an exciting and booming segment of health and wellness supplements. Great things are happening in the industry, as well as in the government, to help undo years or misconception about the health benefits of hemp and its mighty cannabinoids.  

But regardless of the popularity and hype around this plant compound, we’re here for you. Our product consistency and quality has not wavered since the beginning. And will not. That’s the Charlotte’s Web promise.

This isn’t a fad. This is our family.

Trust Earned Naturally | Charlotte's Web CBD 

In staying true to our roots, we’ve updated our packaging to reflect what’s in our heart: mountains, wide open spaces, and our love for Colorado. Our products look different, so does our site (take a look around, it’s pretty awesome), but we haven’t changed. And to answer what many may be wondering, our original product hasn’t changed — though it’s conveniently now called “50mg CBD/1mL,” formally “Advanced.”

Charlotte's Web CBD Products

We’re still doing all that we’ve always done, and more, like more products and new formulations. And as pioneers, we keep going, keep pushing. Doubling down on our purpose-based mission to help as many people as possible by creating just one thing - the World’s Most Trusted Hemp ExtractTM - whether that extract is in our oils, capsules, or topicals. This is our commitment to consumers to be true to our humble origins and to continue exploring the many ways that we can serve our growing community with cannabinoid-based whole-plant hemp products.

The renegade spirit of the brothers doesn’t end with our packaging design or product innovation. Because that’s not the only thing this company is about. It’s about a mission to serve - in health and in spirit.  Because at the end of the day, we do well for ourselves by doing better for others.

We may have a new face on our products, but trust us, we have the same conviction in our heart.