Many people have strong feelings about Charlotte’s Web. For quite a few, CBD extract has become a positive part of their lives and an anchor in their wellness routines. But it’s not just taking Charlotte’s Web that can make one feel good; those of us working everyday to make this extract find joy and purpose in our work because we’ve learned that what we do on the farm and in the lab can help so many. 

Learn more about the love and labor that goes into our plants and products, directly from the people responsible for them. Here are a few of our favorite highlights, and click below to hear more from the people behind Charlotte’s Web.  

  • “I get to go home with a smile on my face because I know what I’m doing is helping people. It’s been the best experience of my life.” - Director of Plant Biology 
  • “We see the impact on people’s lives, that’s why we are in this business.” - Co-founder, Vice President of Cultivation
  • “That’s what started us doing what we’re doing.” - Co-founder, Assistant Director of Cultivation


The People Behind Charlotte's Web from Charlotte's Web on Vimeo.