During this time of year, we pause to reflect on what we are thankful for. Family and friends. A bountiful harvest. Mother Nature.

Our hardworking team of farmers wrapped up harvest in Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon recently. During this busy time of year, they work long, hard hours to ensure the plants that will eventually become Charlotte's Web meet our exacting standards.

Consider how Ray, our Director of Cultivation Operations, explained his gratitude for the land: "The average farmer only gets about 40 chances in his lifetime to make a living. That's 40 seasons. 40 years." That perspective comes from a third-generation farmer.

We grow Charlotte’s Web the best way we know how: with quality and care in every step. Here at Charlotte's Web, we believe in overseeing every part of the production process from seed to bottle, beginning with high-quality raw materials. We extract using only the highest quality parts of the plants—flowers and stems—not discarded scraps that have already been used from other industries.

Join us as we visit with some of our Charlotte's Web family members who give love and care to these plants throughout the year, so they can be harvested at just the right time.