This Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate and honor all the moms in our Charlotte’s Web family, especially two moms who mean the world to our family — Kristi, who is lovingly called Mama Stanley by everyone at Charlotte’s Web, and Heather Jackson, the founder of the Realm of Caring. 

Kristi Stanley Fontenot raised 11 kids as a single mom - the seven Stanley brothers who founded Charlotte's Web and four sisters. She faced financial struggles as a young mom, barely able to provide for her family, while maintaining a home full of love, compassion and fun.  

Heather Jackson and her son, Zaki, are special members of our family, too. Heather started the Realm of Caring in 2012. Similar to the other corporate partners we’ve shared with you recently  such as the Women’s Bean Project, the Adaptive Training Foundation and the Denver Urban Gardens — The Realm of Caring’s mission is closely aligned with our company’s: to improve lives, naturally. 

According to the Realm of Caring, they are “reimagining the way we think, talk, and respond to cannabis and the people who use it. Collaborating on innovative research. Providing revolutionary education. Empowering families to lead better lives.” The RoC believes in supporting people’s quality of life, which is in line with corporate mission. 

To celebrate Kristi and Heather, we asked some of the Stanley Brothers to describe these amazing moms in one word, and then elaborate on why 

Jared Stanley 

My Mom: Strength.  

There is not a man or woman I know that could have had the strength to raise 11 children. I watched her work 3 and 4 jobs my entire life, live for years on 3-5 hours of sleep per night. Her health took a toll and I remember when she would end up in the hospital only because her body would not make enough blood to sustain her commitments to her family. She would then get a blood transfusion and keep going. This went on for 20+ years. 


“Heather is someone who will do the right thing no matter what the cost. When I met Heather before we started the company officially I was building a greenhouse and she ran down a hill in tears thanking us for her son’s success. From there she became the strongest support for what would become the foundation of the Charlotte’s Web brand. She broke through barriers and stigmas to do the right thing no matter what the cost. I watched her support hundreds to thousands of families and for free for several years. She did this because helping people access cannabis is what fueled her why and her commitment to working with us. Heather never got slowed down and never questioned herself or major decisions because she had enough courage to do the right thing no matter what. 

Austin Stanley 

My mom: Optimism 

“I really admire my mom's optimism. I have always known her to find the light in dark situations and she reminds me keep attention focused on that light.” 

Kristi Stanley (Mama Stanley)

Heather: Passion 

“I admire her excitement and passion for what she does. She has so much knowledge on cannabis therapy and wants to share with anyone who can benefit from it!” 

Jesse Stanley 

My mom: Selflessness 

The trait I admire about my mom is her selflessness. I watched her go without for years so that we could have. We were always the have-nots but she took way less so we had more. 

Heather: Fierceness 

Heather is a fierce fighter. She would run through an Army to save her loved ones. Her dedication and love shows in all she does. 

Josh Stanley 

My mom: Selfless 

“Our mother is selfless. She gave her entire life over to her children and the protection and love of her family. We never had to wonder what it would be like to be in the presence of an angelic being. We had our mother. 


Heather never stops in the goal of understanding the compassion it takes to work with families in need.” 

Heather Jackson 

Jon Stanley:  

My mom: Strength and Courage 

"I have always admired her strength and courage. I remember her 8 months pregnant charging through icy cold to teach a class, and knowing that she would work waiting tables that night. She never shrank away from doing any and everything to provide for us. “ 

Heather: Mama Bear 

“When I think of Heather, I always picture a mama bear. Only a fool would get between Heather and her babies. Really only a fool would get between Heather and any Realm of Caring baby.” 


In addition to the brothers, we asked a couple other members of the Charlotte’s Web family to share their experiences with Mama Stanely and Heather Jackson.  

Del Jolly, Manager of Business Development, who has helped with various fundraising events at the RoC such as their annual golf tournament, which we sponsor told us: 

Heather: Tenacious. 

“I appreciate her tenaciousness. Heather would not allow her lack of anything stop her from accomplishing her pursuit to save her son. She wasn't a doctor, and she'll often say she's just a mom. And that's it. A mom will do whatever she has to do benefit her child. If that means changing the way a nation perceives one of its most demonized plants...ok, she'll just have to do that. There was and is no telling Heather Jackson ‘No.’ And she says she’s just a mom. Ha.” 

Amanda McConnell, Social Media Manager 

Mama Stanley: Radiant 

“Mama Stanley has a light that she brings with her everywhere. She’s always positive. She’s always willing to help people, even if it's to her detriment. She is radiant in her grace, compassion and determination, as well as support for anyone. I mean, can you imagine raising seven boys and four girls and still glowing with love for everyone in the world around you every single day? She’s a force.” 

Matt LindseyDirector of Corporate Social Responsibility  


“Her Resilience is truly admirable. She has endured so many challenges yet never gives into the turbulence of life, nor does she resist the pioneering/entrepreneurial spirit that guides her. She’s someone I strive to emulate in terms of fortitude, centeredness, tenacity and determination. She just never fucking gives up! And through it all she has deepened her love for others, her care for Zaki only blossoms toward a more and more beautiful image of grace and love.  

Ricardo Behrens, Director of International Business 

Heather: Contagious 

“She has a contagious laugh, a contagious energy and she will do anything in her power to get something done!”