Solid, uninterrupted sleep can change your life

When we get a good night’s sleep, we just feel better. We’re more rested. More joyful. More energized. 

We created Stay Asleep to provide the most efficacious solution to help people sleep through the night. We took a rigorous, science-based approach, researching and testing many different plant-based substances, including hemp-derived CBN and CBD.

CBN—by itself—is clinically proven to help you stay asleep

Interrupted and restless sleep leaves us feeling tired, like we’re always trying to catch up—and it can even make cognitive decline more likely.

A randomized, double-blind study clinically proved that 20mg of CBN isolate—taken by itself, not combined with CBD—helped people wake up less, with fewer sleep disturbances, without increasing fatigue the next day.

Without CBD, without melatonin, and with no “hangover” the next day, Stay Asleep just works. 

Tomorrow starts tonight

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