Fight For Our People

Inside and outside the company.

Respecting all our

A company is supported by many, many people. As a certified B Corp, we pledge to honor our diverse groups of stakeholders. From creating a product that supports the health of many, to holding ourselves and our business partners to high levels of honor and integrity, to continuing to invest in local communities and charitable partners, we're protecting this valuable and dynamic ecosystem.

Charlotte's Web - B Corp

How we fight for our people

How We Are Fighting For Our People

  • Through Improved Access to Hemp-Derived CBD For Everyone

  • Driving Science and Innovation to Improve Wellness

  • Investing in Local Communities and Nonprofits

  • Supporting Employees - Health & Wellness, Safety,
    Engagement & Satisfaction, HR Best Practices, and
    Enhancing Life through Equity and Inclusion

  • Working with Underserved Communities through Education,
    Outreach and Business Partnerships

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