Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. They are the potent chemical compounds found in the bark, roots, seeds, and flowers of different plants and can be taken, distilled, and prepared in liquid form to bring potential benefits to people. They can be distilled through steam or water distillation where hot water or steam passes through the plants and pulls compounds away from the plant or cold pressing where the plant is mechanically squeezed and pressed to release the oils. Through these methods, the oils that emerge are much stronger and more potent than the plant they came from.

Once they've been distilled, these oils can be used in a wide range of products. They are especially common in the cosmetic and makeup industry. You may find essential oils in body washes, creams, and perfumes which gives them the added fragrances that make these products so popular. However, aside from being a popular addition to cosmetics, in recent years, essential oils have also been used by aromatherapists and natural medicine practitioners for their natural health benefits. Some aromatherapists believe that breathing in the vapor of certain oils allows them to enter the body and release some of those natural health compounds in the body. Different essential oils can be diffused to gain certain unique health benefits from stress relief to clearing congestion and beyond.

  • Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular scents and it's known for its mood improvement properties, allowing for more restful sleep, and smoothing skin that's been damaged by the sun.
  • Studies have shown that frankincense can be used to improve mood, help with sleep habits, and even help with inflammation. Some have noted its benefits in improving asthma and gum disease as well as long as it's diluted.
  • Tea Tree Oil is often used as an antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial. It can be used to treat acne if you don't dilute it and if do opt to dilute it can help with athlete's foot or ringworm. It's important to note that tea tree oil can potentially be neurotoxic and shouldn't be diffused around pets and small children.
  • Peppermint can be used to help manage a wide variety of different ailments such as headaches, fatigue, digestion, gut spasms, and it can even lift your mood and improve memory. That's why peppermint is also a popular tea as many natural health practitioners recommend it!
  • Lemongrass' strong citrus scent can be used to relieve stress and its links to anxiety and depression. It's also been found to remedy wounds by killing bacteria and fungus which means it works wonders in helping with athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm when applied topically. Keep in mind, if you plan to apply it topically, it should be diluted and mixed with a carrier oil to be used effectively.
  • Eucalyptus oil is an especially popular option for people during cold season as it's helpful for soothing stuffy noses. Aside from that popular benefit, people often find it useful in relieving pain and fighting against the herpes virus. It's best used in aromatherapy, but if you opt to apply it topically it should be diluted and it should never be ingested as it could have dangerous side effects, especially in small children and pets.
  • Orange is used commonly in cleaning products for your home. Not only is it an effective cleaner because it kills bacteria, but it smells great too which leaves your home feeling fresh! Diffusing it can help reduce pain and anxiety as well, but applying it topically should be done sparingly as it can make your skin sensitive to the sun's rays.
  • Aside from being a delicious seasoning for your food, rosemary has noted health benefits too! Some people have found that it helps reduce pain and stress, reduces joint inflammation, and improves brain function. It's a great option for aromatherapy use or topical application, but if you're pregnant or have epilepsy talk to a healthcare professional first as it could lead to an adverse reaction.
  • Bergamot is commonly found in teas like Earl Grey and has been found to help lower blood pressure, lift your mood, and reduce anxiety. You can diffuse it or apply it topically, but, similar to orange, it could make your skin sensitive to the sun if applied this way.

  • Cedarwood is a popular ingredient in many perfumes and colognes and other cosmetics because of its woodsy scent. This woodsy scent is great as aromatherapy too as a way to help reduce anxiety and create a better sleep pattern.

While they do come with great health benefits, it's important to use them sparingly and appropriately. They should only be used in small amounts and should always be diluted, especially if you plan to roll the oils onto your skin to be absorbed as opposed to aromatherapy. Before using, always consult your label as some scents can be toxic to animals

You should always consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition.

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