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Vanessa Cantu of the Adaptive Training Foundation

Meet Vanessa, Who Knows Anything Is Possible

Adaptive Training Foundation empowers those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through exercise and community. For Vanessa Cantu, everything changed after a car accident left her paralyzed at age 15. This is her incredible story.

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Did you have dreams that had to change?

"Did you have dreams that had to change?"

Have you ever felt stuck in the past? Have you had self-doubt?

At 15 years-old a car accident changed Vanessa Cantu’s life forever. After waking from medically induced coma she learned a severe spinal cord injury would leave her paralyzed. Not only did Vanessa’s life change – her dreams did too. 

With the help of the Adaptive Training Foundation, Vanessa learned that “anything is possible”. Learn more about how ATF has helped Vanessa and others with life-altering injuries find fulfilling adaptive performance training.We are honored to share a small portion of Vaness's story.​

Please watch, be inspired, and define a new normal. ​

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