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David & Linda of Denver Urban Gardens

Meet David & Linda, Who Use Community Gardens for Healing

Denver Urban Gardens builds connections, skills, and resiliency around growing food. For David and Linda, the community gardens around Metro Denver aren't just a place for plants; they're a place of healing. You can follow their inspiring journeys here.

Watch their story grow.

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Growing a Garden of Hope.

"Growing a Garden of Hope."

Just like plants can be damaged through lack of care or unexpected storms, humans can experience similar damage throughout life. But with love, care, and support, plants can flourish, and people can too.

David and Linda are two people who've experienced the trauma life can cause, as well as the healing powers gardening gives back.

Linda survived abuse from her father, which left her feeling unable to show her emotions. David spent a week on life support and was told by doctors he had a 30% chance to live after falling ill. But through Denver Urban Gardens, they both found what they needed most: space for growth and healing. ​

We are honored to share a small portion of David & Linda’s stories ​

Please watch, be inspired, and define a new normal. ​

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