Charlotte's Web
Is A B Corp

That means our values are as important as our profits.
We're building this company in peaceful balance with the
Earth and all who live upon it.

We're A Certified Force for Good.

Our new status as a B Corp doesn't change who we are, it preserves it. Now that we're B Corp Certified, the respect and integrity that we started our company with are assured to stay with us as we grow.

Being a B Corp means committing to grow our company with transparency and accountability, and in a way that protects the interests of our Environment, our Communities, our Customers, and our Workers.

Charlotte's Web - B Corp

As a Certified B Corp, Charlotte's Web is:

Our Inspiration

The dedication of two strong mothers galvanized seven
brothers to make this company what it is. Learn more
about these amazing women.

Our Amazing Partners

A social enterprise designed to help women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment, creating a path to self-sufficiency.

Restoring hope to those with physical impairments. Transforming lives by expanding community and offering customized adaptive training.

Helping others take control of their health and enhance quality of life by providing cannabinoid research initiatives, education, and advocacy programs for those in need.

Service dogs can help perform many tasks that increase independence, quality of life and self-sufficiency for their human partners. FSD trains dogs for persons with mobility disabilities, mental health challenges, physical injuries, and those with other neurocognitive disabilities.

Creating employment opportunities and providing job training for members of our community seeking to rebuild from addictions, homelessness, and incarceration.

High Fives focuses their efforts on preventing life-changing injuries, and support athletes by providing resources and hope if life-changing injuries happen.

The region’s only nonprofit pediatric hospital, providing world-class care to hundreds of thousands of families every year.

Cultivating gardeners, food and community: D.U.G. supports neighborhoods with essential resources and ongoing technical expertise to build community gardens.

Addressing science education inequalities from low-income communities who are discounted in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Love, Integrity,
and Respect

We've made a commitment to expand our company with the same
values that founded it: Trust, Compassion, Courage, and Vitality. As Charlotte's Web grows,
we'll continue to be a force for good, not just to those who use our product
but for our Earth, our Partners, and our Employees.


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