To Our Family,

At Charlotte’s Web, the passing of the Farm Bill is a sweet celebration for what’s been a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey. What started with seven brothers, and the revolutionary story of a little girl named Charlotte, has culminated in millions of people demanding access to CBD products and with that, the rebirth of the great American hemp industry.  

Most importantly, today is a win for the American farmers, economy, research institutions, and the general population, all of whom will enjoy the many uses of hemp-derived CBD and hopefully many other cannabinoids. This bill shines a bright light on any legal grey areas and makes the former shadows disappear — the impacts of which are vast and overwhelmingly exciting.

As we move into a new era for hemp, we also reflect on the journey that brought us here. In 2014, the US Congress posed a challenge to State governments, universities, and private citizens to prove the legitimacy and viability of industrial hemp. At that time, we had a waiting list of nearly 15,000 people for Charlotte’s Web products, so we began trying to meet those needs in earnest, planting one of the first US-legal hemp crops in many decades.

A lot of those parents who were desperate to have access to Charlotte’s Web, helped us seed our first fields. It is on the backs of your belief, that this industry was reborn. For that, we are all forever in your debt.

We also want to thank our fearless hemp community who used their voice and collective power to embolden their representatives to see it through. A most special thanks to Senate Majority Leader McConnell for his unwavering resolve on this issue. Lastly, to you, our extended family, words cannot adequately express the gratitude, love and admiration each of us holds, for you.

Thank you for supporting us on this journey,

Josh, Joel, Jesse, Jared, Jordan, Jon and J Austin