Celebrations are in order. We’re at a pivotal moment in American history with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill which will soon expand the availability to farm and produce industrial hemp to all 50 states. Here’s what the 2018 Farm Bill means and why it matters.

This is a win for our economy and America overall

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill will lift all restrictions on industrial hemp cultivation from a Federal level, allowing for the full return of this important and historic American crop.

Why US Hemp is important

  • When Congress passed the 2014 Farm Bill, US hemp employment surged to include 185,000 full time employees within the 38 states where hemp operations were permitted.

  • By 2020, that number is expected to grow to over a quarter of a million jobs, outpacing employment stalwarts like manufacturing in many states.

  • It’s not just hemp-derived CBD products that encourage this growth. Industrial hemp is being used in hundreds of different applications including consumer textiles, personal care, industrial components AND health supplements including CBD.

Growth and expansion - for the US and for Charlotte’s Web

In short, the American economy will benefit from this Farm Bill in vast and meaningful ways. From the most basic of business services, like banking and shipping, that will facilitate the exploding hemp industry, to mass retail businesses and mom and pop shops alike who will be able to carry hemp products to meet massive consumer demand.

Speaking of consumer demand; as we at Charlotte’s Web expand our operations to meet growing consumer demand, we’ve also expanded our farming operations to include special, specific family farms in Kentucky and Oregon.

A message from Jared Stanley

Jared— our VP of cultivation and one of the seven Stanley Brothers, founders of Charlotte’s Web— oversees our farming practices company-wide to ensure that anywhere we grow, the level of quality never waivers, and the products you know and love will never change. “Our original products are still grown in Colorado but we believe that each person is unique in the way their body respond to our products, therefore we are researching the best plants that can grow in different soils, different environments and different states. That allows us to produce diverse types of products that better suit your needs.”

We RemainFamily Farm-Grown Hemp, Grown By Really Wonderful People

To shine a light these newest members of the Charlotte’s Web family, we wanted you meet some of our new farmers and hear what growing Charlotte’s Web means for them. Listening to what these lovely, dedicated folks had to say, like What gets me up in the morning? To know that we are helping people,” and It’s fun being a pioneer” spreads warmth and joy, a perfect way to Celebrate the Season of Giving.


Dear reader, thank YOU for all you do to support the work Charlotte’s Web does, and for supporting everyone in our family, most especially American farmers. Your purchases of Charlotte’s Web are contributing in very positive ways to the economy and directly impacting the lives of farmers, like the ones here.