New Product Announcement: Higher Dose CBD Soft Gels

New Product Announcement: Higher Dose CBD Soft Gels

Coming July 15th! 

You asked, and we listened! We're thrilled to soon begin offering our new CBD soft gels,  which are not only smaller in size which makes them easier to swallow, but we now also offer a 50mg CBD Extra Strength formula but they are also a better value! 

We have increased the strength of our capsules, and we encapsulated this higher dose within soft gels instead of capsules.  

We’ve done this for several good reasons.   

Stronger CBD Dose 

First off, we chose to increase the dose of our capsules based on consumer feedback and recent scientific research.  

  • 15 mg will now be 25 mg 
  • 25 mg will now be 50 mg  

And just so you know, you will be getting the same top quality full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, just in a higher concentration. 

Better Delivery System 

In addition to the increased potency, we've upgraded from liquid capsules to soft gels. This change ensures bioavailability, easier swallowing, and a more consistent, effective dose in every soft gel. 

Our full spectrum hemp extract softgels are better than CBD pills like CBD capsules and CBD tablets.  

Here’s why. 

Soft gels have one primary advantage as a delivery system and that is the ease of swallowing. Soft gels have a smooth, gelatinous coating that makes them easier to swallow than hard pills like capsules or tablets.

New CBD Softgels 50 mg -Charlotte's Web™ product packaging front

Increasing Dosage 

Whether you are taking CBD for the first time or if you are currently taking our 15 mg CBD capsules, we recommend starting with one 25 mg soft gel per day and increasing up to two per day if you find you want a stronger effect and are not experiencing any side effects.  

And it’s worth mentioning that we will be releasing a dosage guide on the website in tandem with the new softgels launch. It will go into detail on usage, servings, dosage amounts, and the science behind the amounts chosen. As always, we encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider about how CBD can help you.

New CBD Softgels 50 mg -Charlotte's Web™ suggested serving supplemental facts panel

Experience the Difference

Try our new, higher dose CBD softgels and feel the difference. Your feedback drives our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and product launches!