Gut Health to Help Support a Sense Of Calm

Gut Health to Help Support a Sense Of Calm

At this point, if you haven't personally experienced the joy of mild everyday stresses, you likely have a friend or loved one who deals with some occasional stress. Clearly, many of us have mental health on the mind.

One of the most interesting, reassuring, and exciting developments in mental health is that potty talk has lost its stigma with the discovery that our gut influences how we feel. (No, we’re not talking about digestive stress after eating a spicy curry.) Scientists are now referring to our gastrointestinal tract as our “second brain” because while high-level reasoning and detailed thought processes are still handled by the brain, many of our ideas and feelings are dictated by the 30-foot organ running from the end of our esophagus to the anus.

This lengthy tract is where a network of 100 million neurons carries information from the gut to our brain’s gray matter. Meaning, our enteric nervous system and gut microbiome (both science-y names for our GI tract) inform what goes on in our head. This has led scientists to reason that the source of mild anxiety, in some cases, could be the war-torn lining of a gut that’s battled, among other things, everyday toxins in our environment, or low-quality, antagonistic foods (and not just the occasional spicy Indian dish).

Thankfully researchers have found many alternative and complementary ways to calm our minds.

Gut Health


Cannabidiol (CBD) - We bet you can guess our favorite way to help ease your mild daily stresses...phytocannabinoids! Non-psychoactive and non-addictive, phytocannabinoids can help with your daily stresses*. And Charlotte's Web is more than just CBD. It contains full-spectrum plant phyto-cannabinoids which are a strategic key to unlocking your health’s full potential while supporting overall mind and body balance. 

Physical Activity

Want to know something awesome? Research studies show aerobic exercise effective in reducing occasional stresses. This could be from supervised classes at the gym or at-home online sessions… Suddenly Zumba class sounds a lot more appealing.

Whichever options you choose, we salute you and support you in caring for your -- not one, but -- two dynamic brains.