Vanessa Cantu’s Story- The Adaptive Training Foundation

Vanessa Cantu’s Story- The Adaptive Training Foundation

At 15 years old, a car accident changed Vanessa Cantu’s life forever. After waking from a medically induced coma, she learned a severe spinal cord injury would leave her paralyzed. Not only did Vanessa’s life change – her dreams did too. 

With the help of the Adaptive Training Foundation, Vanessa learned that “anything is possible.”

Learn more about how ATF has helped Vanessa and others with life-altering injuries find life-fulfilling adaptive performance training.

Read Vanessa’s message in her own words.

Have you ever realized what your limit is then pushed yourself past it?

Have you ever had self-doubt? Ever been stuck in the past?

I have.

“Did you have dreams? Did they have to change?”

Have you ever been hurt?

I have.

Have you ever relearned how to walk? Retrained your body to sync up with your mind?

I decided that it wasn't far enough.

I have.

“My body has failed me in the past, but that failure fueled my success.”

I've pushed the limits, But not just for myself...

Vanessa Cantu’s Story- The Adaptive Training Foundation

Read the Director Alexandria Lane’s Take on the Film

Working with the Adaptive Training Foundation has given me a unique perspective on perseverance and determination. As I worked and became acquainted with a few adaptive athletes, I felt very inspired by their journey.

Vanessa Cantu and Derrick Ross are consistently giving, open and genuine people, qualities that are hard to find. Throughout the shoot, Vanessa, Derrick, and the ATF staff continually proved how genuine kindness is transformative and life-changing. I now consider these two friends for life! Their encouragement and drive within their own lives are inspiring to everyone around them, including my filming crew, who were greatly inspired by their passion, perseverance, and humble attitudes on set.

These athletes pushed me to hold up a mirror to my own life and reassess my personal challenges and goals: I found myself asking, 'how much further can I push myself?' I had an amazing time working with them and the ATF facility staff, and I can't wait to visit them often in the future.  It's truly wonderful to see such a strong partnership between these companies, both on a mission to help people.

I am proud and grateful to have been able to collaborate with both. These ATF athletes' stories deserve to be told, and I'm thankful that Charlotte's Web created an opportunity for us to do that.

Vanessa Cantu’s Story- The Adaptive Training Foundation

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