Welcoming Carli Lloyd to the CBDMEDIC™ Team

Welcoming Carli Lloyd to the CBDMEDIC™ Team

We here at Charlotte’s Web and CBDMEDIC™ are incredibly excited to welcome Carli Lloyd to the CBDMEDIC™ team. A two-time Gold Medalist, a two-time Women’s World Cup Champion, and only the 3rd player in international soccer history to reach 300 caps (international matches) for her country, Carli has been making a name for herself and American soccer since she first picked up a soccer ball at the age of 5 and she’s not slowing down any time soon.

Now, as she’s looking to close out her professional soccer career, Carli is embarking on a whole new journey in the world of soccer by continuing to inspire young women all over the world through her CL10 clinics and continuing to be a part of both the men’s and women’s World Cups. Read through our interview with Carli to learn more about this transitional period in her life and how CBDMEDIC™ products have helped with her recovery.

Charlotte’s Web: Last time we spoke, you mentioned the idea of trying to get 1% better because, at your level, even 1% is a big goal. Talk to me a bit about that. What are the things that you're doing? What do you spot and say, "Oh, this I could be 1% better at"?

Carli Lloyd: Well, I think the more success you have, the more you climb the mountain; you're on top of one peak, and you may stumble down, and then you may have to climb up twice as high. It's the peaks and valleys. It's the journey.

What I tried to do is just be better, every single day within my game. And I'm always looking for improvements. And every opportunity presents a different situation where I'm thinking, "You know what, okay, I need to work on that today."

Because I could've looked at my career five years ago, after scoring a hat-trick in the World Cup final, and say, "I just scored a hat-trick in a World Cup final. Why do I need to keep getting better? Why do I need to keep evolving?" But there are always moments to evolve. There are always moments to keep getting better.

I'm at the tail end of my career. Many are probably thinking, "How can she make an Olympic team? She's 38, going to be 39. Why is she still playing?" All these different things.

But I say, "This is an unbelievable opportunity to keep getting just 1% better." And it's being open to figuring out what I need at this particular moment. I just got a new strength trainer, so we're doing a lot of different stuff that I'm used to and I'm the fastest and most explosive I've ever been.

I also have a new soccer trainer I've been working with, and he’s teaching me small, minor adjustments; being balanced when I'm receiving the ball, being balanced when I'm passing the ball, working on my first touch. It's that 1% that's going to make a huge difference on the field, and it has.

CW: What actions off the field do you practice that help make you 1% better? Is nutrition one of them? What methods off the field point you in the right direction?

CL: Off the field is just as important as on the field stuff. You have to take care of your body. And I think that there are many naive people when they're younger, and then when they're older, that wish they took better care of themselves a little bit better.

But for me, straight out of the gate, as soon as I came onto the team, ice baths were a huge help for me; they’re still a huge help. I do them consistently. In 2009 I started to get into organic foods and change my diet and habits. And I noticed an immediate effect.

CW: Talk to me about your role in using CBDMEDIC™ products rather than other traditional products or medicines you would typically use. How did you discover CBDMEDIC™? Why did you start using it?

CL: When my knee injury occurred over the summer of 2020, I had some CBDMEDIC™ products shipped to me. I said, "Okay, let's just try this out." I've dabbled with all sorts of topical stuff throughout my career. I started putting it on, and I had instant relief; it was crazy because what was happening was breakthrough of scar tissue, post-surgery inside the knee. It was making me feel better and better as I was running.

And now, if I get something else, another ache or pain, the products have hugely benefited me. I thought to myself, "Okay, does this really work?" "I actually have pain, it's actually taking it away." I’ve just been using the products, and we're going to continue to use them as well.

CW: Would you attribute any of that 1% success to uses of products like CBDMEDIC™?

CL: Yes, absolutely. It's always just trying to find these extra gains. And obviously, I was dealt with a knee injury recently, so being able to have products like CBDMEDIC™ where I've needed the relief has been key.

CW: It’s no secret that this could potentially be your last tournament. What will you be doing next? What's on the horizon after this?

CL: That's a good question. I think that there will be opportunities that come my way. I want to stay involved in the game. I'm sure I'm going to be actively busy around men and women's World Cups.

I would like to continue to do CL10 clinics in some regard. Starting a family, you know, that's a job in itself. I'm going to miss the everyday grind of competing, of battling. But I'm just going to have to find my new grind. And no matter what I do, I'm going to try to be the best at it. So, it'll just be a little bit different.

Carli Lloyd’s Favorite CBDMEDIC Products

Like Carli, athletes of all kinds experience injuries, strains, and pains every day that keep them from performing at their best. Follow Carli’s footsteps and get back to peak condition by adding CBDMEDIC™ products to your recovery routine. Here are the CBDMEDIC™ products Carli relies on to stay healthy and match fit:

Active Sport™ Pain Relief Stick: Our Active Sport line of products was designed to provide convenient, temporary pain relief from minor muscle and joint distress, strains, sprains, and bruises on the go. Carli uses the pain relief stick before, during, and after games and workouts for temporary relief from pain in targeted areas.

For more information on CBDMEDIC™ products for athletes, check out our CBDMEDIC™ product line or contact us directly. To learn more about Carli’s story, head over to her website at carlilloyd.com.