We're proud to have two-time gold medalist and two-time world cup champion Carli Lloyd as part of the CBDMEDIC™ family. New experiences in retirement can bring occasional aches and pains, so we're helping Carli Power Forward.

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Carli uses CBDMEDIC™ for temporary pain relief.

You can too.

Welcome CBDMEDIC to the Charlotte's Web family

Champion level relief

CBDMEDIC™ products provide temporary relief to aching muscles and joints with camphor and menthol so you can power forward.

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Carli's CBDMEDIC™ Routine

CBDMEDIC Active Sport Pain Relief Stick

Active Sport Pain
Relief Stick

Carli believes it’s important to take care of her body, so she uses Active Sport Pain Relief Stick before games and before she trains. The Stick helps relieve pain from minor strains, sprains, and bruises with no mess.

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CBDMEDIC Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Cream


While it's good to use any time of day, Carli prefers to wear this cream at night while she sleeps. Apply it directly to trouble areas and the menthol helps to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness in your joints so you're ready to get back in the action.​

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Do More of What You Love.

Carli uses the CBDMEDIC™ line of pain relief products made with menthol and camphor for fast, temporary relief from minor aches and pains. And so can you. Our safe and effective formulas help you push past pain in muscles and joints so you can you do more of what you love.

CBDMEDIC Carli Llyod