Treat Your Good Dog To Better Days

Our oil drops are packed with a full spectrum of hemp’s naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD to support your furry friend the way nature intended. And now they come in Chicken Flavor or our classic Unflavored oil (formerly called PAWS) via an easy-to-administer pump.

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Online Exclusive: 100mL Size

Now in a pump, our oil is a perfect addition to meals or a boost at snack time. And with an unflavored or a chicken-flavored option, any picky pup's palate is sure to be pleased.

CBD oil for dogs
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Give Your Good Dog Better Days

With proprietary hemp genetics and a number of ways to give our full spectrum hemp extract with CBD to your four-legged friend, you can support your best friend being their best self.

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A better way to care for your best friend.

Our high-quality hemp extract with CBD helps dogs maintain wellness, whether at rest or at play. We’ve expanded our line of pet products to include dog chews, balm and a tasty chicken-flavored oil.

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