Charlotte's Web CBD Swap - Miami

It's Official - Our first ever pop-up is open in Miami!

We're on a journey to expand our mission across the country to give everyone access to high-quality CBD products to help improve their lives, naturally. Stop by 219 NW 23rd St to learn more now through March 31st.

More Than Just CBD, More Than Just a Pop-Up

This is more than your standard pop-up shop. In addition to shopping, visitors can experience an education center and an exhibition detailing the start of Charlotte’s Web, and the CBD industry overall.

More than CBD

Charlotte's Web CBD Swap - Miami

The CBD Swap Program

CBD is everywhere. From spas to bodegas, supermarkets to pop-up shops.
And probably in your stocking.

But how do you know if what's in the
bottle is quality?

Not sure? Swap it out for free
at our Miami pop-up.

To get the most from cbd, quality matters.

With CBD being more popular than ever, there's a good chance people will get it as a gift this holiday.

The problem is there are too many CBD products out there that people aren't going to get the best chance to improve their lives from these low-quality products. As the brand that's mission is to improve people's lives. We can't stand by and let people that need help go without the access to quality hemp extract.

Which is why we're launching the CBD Swap program from Jan 8th to Feb 1st at our Miami pop-up location.

Quality Matters

Charlotte's Web CBD Swap Program works

How the CBD Swap Program Works

1. Bring in that CBD you're not too sure about.
2. Take a look around to see how CBD works and why quality matters.
3. Give your CBD to the clerk.
4. Get our high-quality CBD in return. FREE.

Improving your life starts with having quality CBD.

Swap yours for something better. And learn why
we're The World's Most Trust Hemp Extract™.

Quality Matters

About Our Quality

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