Stewards of the Earth

Serving the Planet.

Working with Mother
Earth, Every Day

At Charlotte's Web, a lot of what we do is farming - working with our plants and the land. We employ organic and regenerative farming practices on 100% of our farm acreage to ensure that we thank the soil and all it provides us, but we're also giving these time-honored practices a makeover. As we continue to transform our farms from conventional to organic, we use regenerative agriculture to ensure that we give back as much as we get from Mother Earth.

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Our Commitment as Stewards of the Earth

Our Commitment as
Stewards of the Earth

  • Practicing Regenerative Agriculture to Build Healthy Soils

  • Employing Organic Practices on 100% of our Farm Acreage

  • Product and Packaging Innovation Designed for Zero
    or Positive Environmental Impact

  • Holding Partners and Suppliers Accountable to High
    Environmental Standards

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