Autoship & Save

We're happy to offer recurring subscriptions on all of our products.

Why Subscribe:

Join our Subscription Program to receive savings and convenient monthly delivery of Charlotte's Web CBD oil products. Subscriptions receive a 5% savings per order. You're in control of what products you want to receive and how regularly you want to receive them. We will automatically ship your order to you each month so you can focus on the things that really matter. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to ensure your Charlotte's Web supply never runs dry.

  1. Save 5% on all subscription products.
  2. Save time and energy; your favorite products will ship to you automatically.


To subscribe to a product, select the “Autoship & Save 5%” button on any applicable product. Once you click that button, select the frequency of your subscription - every two weeks or monthly. Your initial order will be processed within 2 business days of completing your order. Your Autoship order will continue to be placed every two weeks or monthly (depending on your chosen preference) based on the date you placed your initial order. You must register for a Charlotte's Web account on our website in order to subscribe to products.

You’re in complete control of your subscription. You can cancel or skip your Charlotte's Web Subscriptions at any time. You will receive a notification two days prior to your shipment being processed reminding you that you will soon be receiving your order.

Set it and forget it. We encourage you to use our subscription program as a way to put your regular CW orders on autopilot. With that in mind, if possible, we recommend using a credit card that is not near expiration. In the event that your credit card is about to expire, we will notify you two weeks prior to expiration to remind you to update your credit card information in order to receive your subscription on time.


To update or change the credit card associated with your subscription, log into your Charlotte's Web account and click the "My Credit Cards" tab in the customer account view. Add, remove or update your credit card information. After making changes to your credit card in the "My Credit Card" tab, you'll need to associate that card with your subscription. To do so, click the "My Product Subscriptions" tab and associate your credit card to your subscription.


Subscription orders are only processed with ground shipping. Ground shipping is free on subscriptions over $74.99.


You earn Charlotte's Web Love Reward Points on both one-time purchase and subscription orders! Reward Points can only be redeemed on non-subscription product purchases. Rewards Points cannot be redeemed to an orders with a combination of one-time purchases + subscription order in the cart. We suggest redeeming your points at regular intervals, as they expire 365 days after earning them.

Other promotions, discount codes or limited time offerings cannot be combined with Charlotte's Web Subscriptions.