Our Mission Built This Company 

Charlotte’s Web was started as a mission, not a company. Our extract was something we gave away to people who could benefit from it. To a few and then to many. Today, our mission remains at the core of everything we do—improve lives, naturally.

Putting Money and Energy Where Our Soul Is

The Stanley Brothers built this company inspired by the motto: Do well by doing good. Our value is not measured by revenue and profits. It’s gauged by continued dedication to the groups we serve. 

We create focused, measured, meaningful philanthropic partnerships. From active and vibrant employee volunteerism to donating a minimum of 2% pre-tax revenue to vetted charitable organizations, we use our business as a force for hope, strength and virtue.

The Women's Bean Project
Resources for Women

Raised by a single mother, the Stanley Brothers grew up with a deep personal understanding of the demands placed on many women in our society. That’s why Charlotte’s Web is proud to help create opportunities for women to succeed. One of our partners, the Women’s Bean Project (CO), is doing just that: providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. 

Adaptive Training Foundation
Veterans and First Responders

We invest in and advocate for organizations working with U.S. veterans and first responders to help them achieve a higher quality of life. Our partner, the Adaptive Training Foundation (TX), works with veterans and other adaptive athletes to improve their physical, mental and emotional health, arming them with tools to continue adapting to life’s challenges. The result? Stunning personal transformations. 

Responsible Agriculture

We are dedicated to nourishing both the earth and the farming communities who rely on it. Not only are our own farming practices sustainable, but we also support other organizations that are elevating and restoring farming in America. Partners: Denver Urban Gardens (CO) whose mission is to cultivate gardeners, grow food and nourish community, and the Rodale Institute (NY) with a mission to assist farmers in successfully transitioning to organic and conducting research on organic farming methods and their impact.

Supporting children and families
Children and Families

The health of children is the beating heart of our organization. We built Charlotte’s Web with a deep resolve to meet the tremendous needs of the most vulnerable of our society. Our partners in this crusade that provide wellness solutions for children and families are The Realm of Caring (CO), Center for Discovery (NY) and Mile High Workshop (CO)

Growing With our Partners