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Man on a Charlotte's Web farm driving a tractor with hemp plants


In loving memory of Charlotte Figi

Thank you for your life, your bravery, and your beautiful soul.

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    Introducing our new and improved line of CBD Topicals

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  2. Charlotte's Web Basics

    The Difference Between the Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and the Rest

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  3. Charlotte's Web Basics

    What are CBD Gummies?

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  4. Healthy Living

    What is Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract? CBD, CBG, CBN, and More

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    Try our CBD Samples in 10mL Starter Sizes

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    A Buyer’s Guide to CBD Topicals: Creams, Balms, Roll-Ons, and Cooling Gels

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  7. Charlotte's Web Basics

    A Buyer’s Guide to CBD for Dogs

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  8. Charlotte's Web Basics

    Visit One Of Our Farms With Virtual Reality

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  9. Charlotte's Web Basics

    The Charlotte’s Web Hemp Production Process—From Seed to Shelf to You

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  10. The Charlotte's Web Family

    In Memoriam - Charlotte Figi

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