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Trevon Ferguson of the High Fives Foundation​.

Meet Trevon Ferguson. His Message is "Purpose."

We strive to better the planet and the people living upon it. This means partnering with organizations and people who do the same. The High Fives Foundation is committed to bettering the lives of injured athletes and veterans across the country. One such athlete, Trevon Ferguson, is a U.S. military veteran whose undying message is "purpose."

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Hope is the cornerstone of change.

“Hope is the cornerstone of change.”

Trevon Ferguson has experienced a lot in his lifetime, more than most people. While serving in the Army, a traumatic brain injury resulted in seizures, PTSD and depression. He was diagnosed with cancer just three months after his mother passed away. ​

But Trevon hasn’t let any of that weigh him down. With the help of the High Fives Foundation and friends who taught him a new normal that defied the impossible, he has found his purpose. A purpose that has become his life's work - to help others overcome their own hardships and find joy. ​

We are honored to share a small portion of
Trevon’s story. ​

Please watch, be inspired, and define a new normal. ​

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