Every season on the farm teaches us an important lesson: change takes time. 

Nurturing our hemp seedlings, tending to them as they mature, and keeping the fields free from pesky weeds - all by hand - is a labor of love and not one to be rushed. The practice of patience learned in the hemp fields is just as important to remember with ourselves; when endeavoring on a new wellness regimen, change takes time and quality results can’t be rushed.  

Which inspired our Charlotte’s Web 30-Day CBD Challenge. 

Some who are new to the Charlotte’s Web family reported that they don’t know what to expect when starting a CBD routine, or that they anticipate an immediate change, so we've created a program to support your journey. (Another way we'll support you? We proudly offer a 30-day guarantee so you can try Charlotte’s Web with confidence*.) 

While everyone’s body is different, there are a few factors that our customers note as having helped achieve their desired results, namely, take the right concentration, remain consistent, and listen to your body. 

Let’s dive into each of those for a moment. 

The Right Concentration of Charlotte’s Web

Here’s the secret, there is no magic to finding the “right” concentration. It just takes a little time and willingness to observe how Charlotte’s Web works for your body, and awareness when adjusting accordingly. Take the recommended serving amount daily and notice how it works in your body. Continue to take daily, but feel empowered to vary the amounts you consume up or down slightly. 


Using a CBD supplement regularly is how you’ll notice positive changes because if you only use it sporadically, it’s hard to track how your body is reacting to CBD. Along those lines, a regular, consistent sleep schedule and healthy eating regimen help eliminate extra distracting factors and may make it easier to track your body’s positive reaction to hemp extract.

Listen To Your Body

For many, the goal is to achieve one of the following benefits* of a regular hemp supplement regimen, including support for: 

    •    Relief from everyday stresses and mild anxiety*

    •    Restful sleep cycles*

    •    Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation* 

    •    A sense of calm and focus*

    •    And more*

Look for any of these in the 30 days, keeping a journal to track what you notice.

When to get started?

The 30-Day CBD Challenge can be started the day you receive your product. It can be done with a friend or family member, or independently. Start it on the first of the month, or the 20th. Whatever day works for your commitment to yourself. 

Helpful Resources:

    •    If you haven’t purchased a product yet, use The Product Finder to help you identify the best product to serve your health and wellness goals.

    •    Our Hemp Education blog has numerous helpful articles, including recipes and healthy living tips

 How the Challenge Works:  

 1   Start by taking the recommended CBD serving at the same time each day.

 2   Track your experience. We find that journalling the time and amount you take your Charlotte's Web can help you maintain daily consistency, while noting thoughts and feelings that emerge can also prove insightful along the journey.

 3  Share! Whether it's on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or with your family, let people know what’s working for you. 

Keep in Touch: 

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Reminder, our 30-day guarantee* will help alleviate pre-purchase concerns. That's how strongly we believe in our products.   

Now, let’s do this.


*More information about our 30-day guarantee here.