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How should I decide what pet product is best for my dog?

You know your fur baby better than anyone. As you observe their health from day to day, you can see what areas of wellness are most important for maintaining. We’ve added more products to our pet line so that you can care for your pup in a variety of ways. 

Our new chicken-flavored chews were formulated with botanical blends to support your dog in various ways, whether they need help for Calm, Cognition or Joint care: 

  • Calming: helps with stress surrounding travel, separation, and more  
  • Hip & Joint: eases stiffness caused by dogs’ normal daily routine 
  • Cognition: naturally supports brain health 

For topical needs, our Balm in a soothing scent was designed to support canines with sensitive skin. It supports skin health and helps maintain normal skin moisture.

Those who already love our hemp extract oil for dogs will be pleased to have two different strengths and two flavor options. If you found it hard to administer oil with a dropper, know that we now have a pump top that is oh-so-easy to add to food.