Full Spectrum Extract Drops 17MG CBD For Dogs

$64.99 - $159.99

Formerly known as Charlotte's Web PAWS, this whole-plant hemp extract features a full spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids. Now in a pump, our oil is a perfect addition to meals or a boost at snack time. And now with our unflavored and chicken-flavored options, any picky palate is sure to be pleased.

Dogs, like humans, have an Endocannabinoid System to help them maintain overall wellness, and CBD - along with hemp’s many other naturally occurring compounds - can help support good health for your canine best friend.

  • USA Grown Hemp.
  • 100mL and 30mL available
  • Chicken-Flavored Oil or Unflavored

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Product Benefits

Blended with easily digestible MCT oil, our drops help support:

  • A sense of calm
  • Healthy hips and joints
  • And more!
Additional Information
  • Flavors: Unflavored and Chicken-flavored
  • Made from USA Grown Hemp
  • Contains approximately 17 mg of naturally occurring CBD per mL
For Best Results
  • One serving twice daily.
Additional Information

This hemp extract oil can be given orally or added to your pet's favorite food.

56 Reviews


Glad to see so many other people upset with the new pump - it causes product to leak, jam, and wastes SO MUCH! Love the oil, HATE THE PUMP!

pump is terrible

Product seems good, but the new pump is absolutely horrible. Impossible to tell the amount being dispensed (one "pump" is not consistently the same amount). Please bring back the dropper.

Pet CBD Pump is terrible, CBD oil is amazing!

I love your product and it has helped my 9 yr old lab so much but the new pump is just awful. Luckily I have a dropper from an old bottle and am using that. I have to dispense directly in his mouth because he doesn't always eat every day and it was a terrible mess and he didn't like the feeling. With the dropper I just squirt it in his mouth and he goes on with his day. I have to chase him if I use the pump. Please give us an option of pump or dropper.

Bring the old stuff back!

I need to find a new CBD to use. I loved the old CW Paws version and so did my friends with dogs. Sad to see it go. :(

Where's the dropper

Definitely need the dropper back. Not sure who made the decision to switch to a leaky pump, but it was a poor one. 5 stars with dropper, great product. But pump brings it down to a 2 as it is no longer usable.

Need a dropper to measure accurately

This is the best product I've tried for my dogs but I agree with all the others, the pump does not measure accurately. Please include a dropper with this product. Thank you.


Suggestion to all that have issues with the dropper/pump. I use an infant dispensar I got at the pharmacy. Any pharmacy will have them behind the pharmacy counter for free. They measure small amounts very well and easy to use. Not sure why this company has not gone this route but for all those struggling with this issue ask for an infant medication dispenser. Works like a charm! Great product poor product packaging.
Dog mom

Worth the money!

Our dogs have seen a noticeable improvement in their hip and joint discomfort since using this product. I am a real believer in CBD and the benefits of using a high quality product like CW, BUT this pump mechanism is terrible for use with dogs because it is near impossible to get a consistent dose every time you use it. And, for one of my dogs who does not like it in his food, try to spray it directly into his mouth. The only problem is that not only is the dose inconsistent, the pump makes it very difficult to aim into a moving head. I've lost a lot of oil due to this pump as it drips out the side of the mouth or misses completely. The dropper is much more controllable and you can see exactly what you are administering. At some point, because this is a very obvious flaw, you have to wonder if the CW just doesn't mind that the fact that we are wasting product??

Needs a dropper!!!

Great product! Has done wonders for my GoldenLab, but the pump does not dispense accurately. It’s terrible and impossible to give a consistent dosage. Need to replace it with a dropper!
Lily’s Mom

Product was Great; Pump Ruined It

I have been giving my Dog this oil for well over a year now. It's been great and I have seen improvement in his mobility as well as general energy level. One day they sent me one with the pump instead of the dropper: it was the worst thing ever. It dispenses a random amount of oil that you cannot measure, it stops pumping correctly when it gets low, and it's hard to even aim and doesn't go where you want. I don't know why Charlotte's Web would make such a horrible choice to ruin a great product like this. Without the ability to measure you cannot properly dose your dog with the correct amount of CBD. This would be a 5 star product without the pump.

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